Monday, June 20, 2011

A Short-Bio

A short-bio is always necessary.
It would tell the world
how serious and portly
your statements could be.
Whether they are the products
of regular nihilism of youth
or wearily hanging loose skin of age.
You could be born yesterday
and scrawl heavy words across the page.
Like a kid that imitates adults
move heavy objects around.
But you wouldn't be right about it.
Rights and wrongs that you write
on stone tablets, will be a laughing stock
beyond that mountainous moment.
Blood that you imagined
is the color of a cough syrup
and we all know that.
You couldn't pretend to save anything.
Except your ignorance from ridicule.
And yes, a short-bio is necessary for us
to plug-in into your shoes and play along.
You should do it definitely
attach a few lines about yourself.
Let them be your emissaries
with whom we would trade our time
which is running out like never before.

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