Friday, June 12, 2015

How easy it is

How easy it is to write about hunger 
when the stomach is full and it is 
one of those pleasant days. 
This lack of direction as it is,
is much better than the days when
one is stuck like a compass needle
in the direction of the basics. The days 
when the clock strikes three times 
dividing it into meals and a cold night. 
When hunger curls the body 
into a comma of rejection but a 
ruthless needle ticks and keeps time. 
When the rain soaks one to the bone
and the wind only delivers 
the news of a coming storm. 

How easy it is, on a full stomach 

to flick the inside remote and get to
the channels of happiness, sadness 
love, hate, attention and gossip. 
So much better display than 
the hunger, dehydration and hallucination
and utter destitution under the stars 
which appear unreal with the night.
How tucked in it should feel to make room
for a broken heart and the return of love.
To touch each other and feel a twinge
of passion on a night that is all ready. 

And how marginal the rest of the world feels
with a book in hand and with affordable glasses on. 
Peering down on lines that talk of an imaginary land
more exquisite than this celebratory moment
that is full of strength for further hunger. 

1 comment:

Avi said...

This was very nice:
'When hunger curls the body
into a comma of rejection'

....the 3rd paragraph feels a bit out of context, though !