Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Put away

Indecisions that are put away, turn 
into decisions that were to happen.
"That way and that way alone",
Captain Hindsight speaks out loud. 
So loud that the very reason for 
summoning him to the scene is 
forgotten forever. 
Yet some indecisions become 
a constant pebble in the shoe. 
A thorn that is unreachable to 
the pluck of the victim. 
They turn an ordinary dull day
into a battle to get through. 
And each page of an event 
that we turn feels like
a heavy book to be checked out 
from a distant library, whose 
working hours are beyond us.


Prithvi Yesudas said...

drifting away from the subject, why was captain hindsight summoned to the scene anyway ?

Trinath Gaduparthi said...


Captain hindsight is always present. No one can summon him.