Saturday, June 20, 2015

She said Oh

She said "Oh"
and later explained that
it is that feeling between Yes and No.
And I should stand still like a statue
in a mythology and she will turn up
by the end of the story and touch me 
with a golden whip and spring me to life.

I should hold on, she said, to the pedestal that 
I am screwed to. Unable to move or improve. 
Or even swat a fly that is wrecking the nerves. 
The hands stay where they are, one scratching 
the head and the other supporting a drooping chin.

"Oh!", she said, "you should stand till the end."
It is in the statute of the unfinished statues. 
They still have in them some rock left 
to be chiselled and hardened 
by the forces of nature.

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