Friday, August 27, 2010

All ye men!

Their fates are Siamese twins
They can't escape each other
Their breakup needs surgical precision
Some can afford the risk.
Others tend to believe in after life.
There is a gleaming white light
when one meets the other.
It blinds them into love.
Now that they have fallen there
they search around
for other blind spots.
You are going straight
to your hazy destination.
You make the right wrong turn and
what you see thumps your heart.
Once they are together they want to be alone
Till then they are the most social of the sty.
Now and only now, they need a spot
To kiss under the moon looking at the sky.
They draw the modern impressionist paintings
the next day in the class. What is with them?
All ye men, do you get these soul mates?
By the way, where do you get these sour grapes?

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