Friday, August 27, 2010

The other end

He thinks about the past
pacing about in the winter clothing
walking from the farthest end of his life.
He goes back and forth
seeing himself in variety of clothes
Sweaters, mufflers and caps
hugging his cranium for life.
He was fond of the warmth in winter.
Not just with the attire.
People snuggled closer, offering
something or the other as talk.
He would take the mufflers
out of the almirah
wrap around in a snaky fashion.
He could do many designs
drawing smiles all across the room.
They were children then.
Jealousy grew faster and often erupted
into fights about the best sweater.
The blood red Christmas stars were hung
in the porches of the believers.
They waited eagerly for the New year
when the silent passage of time.
was drawn in colored lime.

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