Thursday, August 26, 2010


When there were no wings
I intended to fly.
That was an end of my childishness.
An early form of escapism.
Only stars filled my dreams then
there was place for myself
and my family, for the sake of completeness.
Like all sleepy children I dreamt
One day I would establish the contact
going really fast in a space plane
and may even have a chat with the master
about the goings on in his aquarium.

My dreams are only claustrophobic now
They seem to ground me right when I have
the strongest reasons to take off.
There is too much logic in me, in this world.
And I am eternally taxiing.


Avi said...

Is it not better to keep taxiing if you know for sure there is turbulence and the weather is bad ?

Trinath Gaduparthi said...

@ Avi

May be not. Eternal Taxiing is a process that is not just safe. It is boring and unimaginative.