Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting ready

I can't quite place it
But there is something in the air
May be the elusive optimism?
whatever it is, hiding from me is unfair.
Can't locate the place it happened
But it's happening where ever I go
I don't turn any head except mine
But there is some spotlight on the go.
Is age secretly catching up with me?
I put my foot down heavily these days
As if preparing for the rest of the journey
I am going the foolhardy ways.
The rest of the world
is appearing to be nonsense
Unless I am in love
this shouldn't make any sense.
I am telling you
There is something happening here
From being that droopy bozo
I am filled with more mojo.


pranabk said...

Wanderer's musings have caught an upbeat tone. Cheers! to that.

Trinath Gaduparthi said...

@ Pranab

Yes. yes. Cheers for the cheers.